Lil Durk Announces ‘OTF Vol. 2’ & Releases “Crazy Story” By King Von

Lil Durk Announces ‘OTF Vol. 2’ & Releases “Crazy Story” By King Von

The holiday season is the ideal time of year for being with your family–kicking back and relaxing near an open fire. Lil Durk agrees. Taking refuge from the cold Chicago winter with his Only The Family crew-members, Lil Durk announces Only The Family Involved Vol. 2, the label’s new compilation mixtape. To accompany of the announcement of the mixtape, OTF shares “Crazy Story,” the latest single by King Von.

The follow-up to this summer’s Only The Family Involved Vol. 1Vol 2 is a celebration and a coronation for new OTF signee King Von, one of the family’s promising new stars. Featuring numerous contributions from OTF standouts like Booka600, OTF Ikey, Doodie Lo, and more, Only The Family Involved Vol. 2 releases on December 21st via EMPIRE.
In “Crazy Story,” flashing soft-spoken charisma and a steely intensity, King Von tells a captivating street story, recounting his perspective of a robbery gone wrong. In the single, Von expertly mimics a conversational patter, packing his story with intimate detail, but also building in digressions and brags: “I’m just laughin/Coulda been a pimp, the way I move my lip/I be speedin’/Coulda been a driver, the way I push the whip.”
King Von was born in the South Side of Chicago, growing up in O Block, the area that produced Chief Keef. Blinded by the poverty and violence of his neighborhood, Von turned to a life of crime at an early age, stealing bikes in middle school, and running with gangs in high school. At age 16, Von went to jail for the first time, commencing a near-decade where Von did not spend more than a full year out of prison. After rightfully beating an erroneous murder charge that could have put him away for life, King Von took inspiration from heroes like Lil Wayne and turned to rapping, linking up with Lil Durk who put him on. Within six months, Von had a series of viral hits, including the sinister “Problems,” which has over 1.2 million views after its debut on Durk’s YouTube channel, and the defiant “War Wit Us,” which has over 832,000 YouTube views in its first month of release.
Stream “Crazy Story” by King Von below. Look out for Only The Family Vol. 2 soon.

Stream Signed To The Streets 3 by Lil Durk here.

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