Man Who Ratted On Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff Sentenced To Time Served

Man Who Ratted On Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff Sentenced To Time Served

Former Queens kingpin Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff is serving a life sentence behind a 2007 conviction for racketeering, two murders-for-hire and drug trafficking. He ducked the death penalty when a jury couldn’t agree on capital punishment. It is believed by many that “Preme” would not be brought down without the help of government informants, such as Barry Mungo. At the age of 43, Mungo has a new lease of life, sort of, because Brooklyn federal judge Frederick Block decided to sentence him to time served at the end of March.

Mungo has served 11 years after pleading guilty for his role in the murders of two men in 2007. His cooperation is credited as a key factor in McGriff’s conviction. He has had to be transferred numerous times due to threats. Mungo isn’t 100% cleared yet. He faces five more years for a parole violation in Pennsylvania.

According to the New York Daily News, “…he apologized to their families, saying he would ‘carry the weight of pain with me the rest of my life.’ Still, Mungo said he was ‘not the person I was before.'”

The judge said that similar sentences await other who cooperated against Supreme.

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