Mass Grave With Tortured Black Men Found At Dead KKK Leaders Estate

Mass Grave With Tortured Black Men Found At Dead KKK Leaders Estate

While many urge Black people to just get over the past injustices we faced, it is important that we never forget. It wasn’t that long ago. One recent discovery is a direct depiction of the suffering that our ancestors had to endure, especially in the deep South.

Eldon Lee Edwards
Eldon Lee Edwards

At the former home of ex-Ku Klux Klan lmperial Wizard Eldon Lee Edwards in Mississippi, a mass grave has been uncovered which contained the skeletons of Black torture victims. It is said to be around 50 years old. “A mass burial site of many dozens of black men, who had been subjected to brutal torture and [then] murdered, has been found,” said FBI spokesman Adrian Cartright. “In many cases, body parts are missing; most victims had been shot in the head.”

According to the Jackson Telegraph, the grave was discovered while the new owner of the property was having renovations done and the foundation had to be dug up. The authorities state that it’s still very early in the recovery and identification process, but there are estimated to be upwards of ten bodies in the grave.

Eldon Lee Edwards owned the property from 1945 to 1953. He died in 1960. In 1944, he was charged with the abduction, torture and murder of three Black men, but he was never convicted.

Read Anonymous’ official list of current KKK members here.

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  1. Melissa Clark

    My thoughts exactly. Why is this still all over the internet as true when it is not?

  2. This was found to be false… Surprised this hasn’t been removed

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