Max B Gets 75-Year Sentence Reduced To 20 Years

Max B Gets 75-Year Sentence Reduced To 20 Years

Imprisoned Harlem emcee Max B is breathing easier now, after his 75-year sentence for a deadly 2009 robbery was reduced to 20 years. There was a conflict of interest on the part of one of “Wavy Crockett’s” former attorneys, which led to Bergen County Judge James Guida shaving 55 years off of his sentence.

The NY Daily News reports:

The change was the result of a motion for post-conviction relief filed in 2014 by Wingate’s defense team, arguing that one of his original attorneys, Gerald M. Saluti — who also represented him as a recording artist — had a financial stake in the outcome of his case.

For a little background, Max was charged with masterminding the fatal 2009 robbery, although he didn’t go on the mission. In the wee hours of September 22, 2009, Max’s ex, Gina Conway and his step brother Kelvin Leerdam ran into a room of a Fort Lee, NJ Holiday Inn to rob two men they knew were staying there. David Taylor, Jr. was fatally shot. Leerdam is serving life plus 35 years. Conway took a plea deal and testified against Max.

“I just want to thank you for the fair treatment, you know, looking into the situation to at least give me another opportunity to someday reunite with my children and my family,” Max told the judge on Friday. He also released a statement, thanking fans who’ve been “holding it down for me all these years, still banging my music and still keeping it wavy. I love you all. Stay Wavy.”

Watch here to see about Max B transferring to a jail with a recording studio.

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