Mone Corleone Signs With Sharp One Entertainment!!!

Mone Corleone Signs With Sharp One Entertainment!!!

Sharp One Entertainment is proud to announce a new signee. The signee in question is none other than South Jamaica Queens’ own Mone Corleone! The emcee has signed on with the company for management and consultation.

Hailing from the 40 Projects, Mone is no new jack to this rap thing. The artform is in his blood, being that his father is legendary Queens DJ GrandMasta Vic, who manned the ones and twos for the likes of Nas, The Lost Boyz, Biz Markie and others. He started rapping at the age of 16, inspired by his uncle. “My uncle, Sonny Black, who was super nice put the battery in my back,” said Mone.

Mone’s style has also been influenced by legendary New York acts. “Early on my favorite rapper was Ma$e. He was rapping about shit I wanted to hear because it was what me and my homies was doing: getting fly and chasing girls. Then, as I got older, it was Big, Nas and Jay, because I understood them better.”

Mone has steadily built his buzz over the years. He started gaining attention when he would spit one minute freestyles in his car every Monday on Instagram. “For a year straight, I would go in like clockwork. That’s what built my buzz,” he explained. Even more people would take notice when Mone freestyled on Funkmaster Flex’s show on Hot 97.

Mone has been signed before, an experience he described as “bittersweet.” “Being signed isn’t a rush for me as it was when I signed my first deal years ago,” said Mone. “I thought my life would change drastically. I was gonna be able to buy my moms a big crib, yadda yadda yah. But being signed isn’t glorified as it used to be, because that’s where the work begins.”

Mone has higher hopes and expectations, now that he’s signed to Sharp One Entertainment. “This time around, it’s a lot different, though,” he observed. “I got a strong team; serious and focused dudes that know and are willing to do whatever it takes for the win.”

Mone’s goal with Sharp One is simple: greatness. When it comes to his goals, Mone detailed, “The cliché thing to say is, ‘Get the bag,’ right? Aside from the obvious, my thing is to get on and put on, meaning put myself in a winning position to help others win. Our society developed a breed of individuals called ‘suckas.’ Every generation has them guys that’s blocking the way for others to get to the same plateau. It’s my obligation to step up and change the narrative and that’s to break ‘The Sucka Cycle’ through my music, the company I keep and the principals and morals we stand on.”

Sharp One Entertainment was founded in 2003 by the one and only Delson Holloway. Mr. Holloway’s resume speaks for itself. In 2005, he was the vice president of Suge Knight’s Death Row East label and he currently serves as the executive vice president of Don Diva Global Media. He has also delved into the fashion world with Toshio Yori and in television by being a funding associate of the hit online TV show ‘Money & Violence.’
With Sharp One Entertainment, Mr. Holloway’s mission is to “identify, nurture and promote talented artists” and “put their talent on the map.” The company offers consultancy services which include industry knowledge, talent development, financial management and relationships with leaders in the entertainment realm. “By leveraging the industry contacts we’ve established over the years, we offer a platform to bring our clients’ gifts to the forefront and beyond,” he said.

Sharp One Entertainment is always on the lookout for raw talent, young new artists and seasoned professionals.

Be on the lookout for more from Mone Corleone and Sharp One Entertainment. Follow Mone on Instagram and Twitter at @callmemone. For his music, visit his Soundcloud at Follow Sharp One Entertainment on Instagram and Twitter at @sharponeent.

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Mone Corleone and Sharp One Entertainment CEO Delson Holloway

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