New Artist: Bobby Dollaz

New Artist: Bobby Dollaz

Last week I highlighted a Carolina artist, and put the world on notice that The Carolinas were bubbling heat beneath the surface of the music industry. Well, I scoured the land and came up with another Carolina artist (by way of Philly) that has been giving the streets that work! He also has his own very popular clothing line, Can’t Be Touched (C.B.T.) Global. Well, don’t take my words for it; let him tell you in his own words about himself. Then, watch the video below and watch him get busy.

1.) For those who are slow to catch on, tell the people who you are and what you bring to the table? I’m Bobby Dollaz and I’m HERE.. I’m the NEW voice of the TRUE story of the REAL streets… What I bring to the game is authenticity. I made it fashionable to be real again.

2.) Your mixtape released this month,  although you have been killing the scene for quite some time.  Tell us a little about your journey? My mixtape is called “No Breaks No Brakes” it ain’t drill rap it ain’t pill rap but it’s real rap. The name means I ain’t slowing down or stopping and I definitely ain’t giving none of these suckers  no breaks. All gas all pressure all year long!! As for my journey. All I can say is it’s God’s work. When I came home from the Feds in 04 I wasn’t even thinking about music. I was working out all crazy and doing fitness training. The streets literally begged me for this. My cousin Rich had a studio and would come by when I was still on the beeper (home confinement) and tell me I needed to get back to it. I couldn’t go anywhere but work and the crib. But when I got out of the halfway house I went by there and recorded “monster” on a Wednesday. I shot the video for it that Saturday, dropped it on Monday and it drove the city crazy. The funny part about that is I wrote the bars for it in 2011 when I first got indicted but it was just so appropriate for my return in 2015. And from there I was back at it. I dropped “The Realest Back” in November of 2015 and within a year I got nominated for best new hip hop artist at the Carolina Music Awards and was on tour.

3.) You are a rapper’s rapper. Like, you can SPIT! Who are some of your lyrical influences? And how hard is it to remain lyrical in this new industry that doesn’t place a premium on lyricism? I’m a street rapper and being from both up north and down south I take influence from different artists on all sides of the spectrum. I can appreciate the raw trap talk from the likes of Yo Gotti and Jeezy as well as the witty word play from those like Beans or Jada at the same time I still rock with the dudes like Canibus or Raekwon. For me to remain lyrical in today’s market isn’t hard because I’m staying true to myself and telling a real story. If you’re real then you’ll relate and that’s who I do it for. If you ain’t never been through nothing then you won’t feel where I’m coming from. Everything ain’t for everybody and this might not be for you. 

4.) You came up in the streets of Philly and once used to get it out the mud. Correct? Tell us about your upbringing? I was born in Philly but been back and forth my whole life but I was raised all over. Namely Wilmington NC aka the port city. But no matter where you go the streets are the streets. So I definitely had to get it out the mud. My story is like any other. Pops smoking crack. Moms tryna make a way but the struggle was real. So I was basically on my own since 13. Running around doing anything to make a dollar. Started off selling soap and bread crumbs to eat at night. Then I got the game, saved a little change and started playing for real. Old head took a liking to me cause I always had a hustle about myself and from there it was on

5.) Your company, C.B.T.. (Can’t Be Touched) is making moves. Tell us about that? (What other ventures are you interested in?) C.B.T is made up of me, my brother and my homie, Shiz. We was always young and fly before it was ever a “company” and since we gave away so much swag we decided to get a check for it. We got our hands in everything from fashion to events, of course music and so much more. I can’t tell you what’s coming next cause the game is to be sold not told but when the ink dry you’ll just see it. Stay tuned!!

6.) Tell us your view on the state of the rap game? The “game”? It’s a lot of extra curricular goofy shit gong on out here and I don’t fit in. Niggaz with purple hair wearing stretch pants with lime green leopard fur. Suckers and rats getting more love and respect than stand up guys and honorable men. Anything is acceptable as long as a nigga got money because principles and morals are for sale. Not to mention dick riding is at an all time high. But I know how to adapt without shape shifting into something I’m not. At the end of the day I’m a concentrated solution and the majority is diluted. So when the rain stop and the smoke clear the real shall remain

7.) So what can we expect from the album? (Features etc…) “No Breaks No Brakes” is bringing back the lyricism of 99-2000 when bars and being real mattered. The feel of 04-08 when the streets was still the streets and the money was plentiful before the “finesse and scamming” became the wave. With the sound of 2017. It’s something on there for every situation. If you up and just living or if you took a loss and tryna get back. It’s going to keep you focused on that check. You can ride to the whole tape without hitting the skip button. The lead single is “Running Up a Bag” and you can’t listen to it without getting money.

8.) What’s next for Bobby Dollaz? More money and bigger bags

9.) Where can we find you? 

IG: b.dollazcbt

Twitter: bobbydollaz 
Facebook: Bobby Cbt Dollaz
Soundcloud: bobbydollazcbt

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