New License Plate Scanners Will Automatically Fine Uninsured Drivers

New License Plate Scanners Will Automatically Fine Uninsured Drivers

There’s an epidemic in the state of Oklahoma that doesn’t involve drugs or violence. This phenomenon is the number of uninsured drivers that are on the road. According to studies, one out of every four drivers in Oklahoma is uninsured.

The police in Oklahoma will soon be equipped with technology to combat this problem, according to Q13 FOX. The technology in question is new license plate scanners that were approved by state lawmakers last year. This week, the state sealed the deal with Gatso USA to set up the scanners on highways.

The way the scanners work is, they scan the license plate, then compare the tags with a list provided by the Oklahoma Insurance Department. Furthermore, when an uninsured vehicle is detected, a $184 citation will be automatically mailed to the owner. Dropping the $184 will ensure that the vehicle’s owner will not be charged with driving without a insurance, a charge that would go on their permanent record.

Gatso executives estimate that around 20,000 citations will be issued each month. The company profits by being paid $80 off of each fine issued for the first two years, according to the contract. After that, their reward will be dropped down to $74, then to $68, after five years of use.

The program will be overseen by the District Attorneys Council instead of police. The district attorneys’ offices are expecting to receive millions off of the citations.

Though this is exclusively being rolled out in Oklahoma, how long until similar steps will be taken in other states? Only time will tell.

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