[New Music] Banga Drops New Single “Shoebox Music”

[New Music] Banga Drops New Single “Shoebox Music”

Banga is an Emcee that emerges from the state of Florida. He recently dropped a hot new EP called ‘Shoebox Music,’ which is also a name he came up with for a genre of music in the Hip Hop world. Growing up he always had a passion for creating music and loved listening to trap music. He grew up in low income areas, so he displays his trials and tribulations via explicit lyrics.

As a hustler, leader and entrepreneur, this young arising superstar looked to influence others by overcoming living the street life and telling his story through music. In this new freestyle “Shoebox Music,” that he titled after his new EP, Banga shares some dark vivid pictures of the struggles people face, along with the transitioning process many choose to help escape and obtain a more luxurious lifestyle.

Although he was born into poverty and may have gotten caught up going down the wrong path, Hip Hop is not new for him. He has worked closely with Akon at one point before moving from Atlanta. This helped him to build a strong substantial fan base over the years that still follows him to this day, while he works everyday to accumulate new ones.

‘Hustle Team or Die Vol. 2’, and ‘The Grind Is Real’ were two of his best projects. He received a lot of love from both fans and industry executives, which led him to being signed by “Hustle Team Management,” whom which he is still currently working with. Make sure to check out his new ‘Shoebox Music’ EP when it drops on September 16th. You can purchase the EP by clicking here.



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