[NEW MUSIC] J-Hen “On To The Next”

[NEW MUSIC] J-Hen “On To The Next”

J-Hen R&B creative style is definitely A-List. His latest single “On To The Next” got all the young ladies wanting to get with him. In his new exclusive video, which also has the same title, you will find him on Miami Beach, in a Hotel, and in the Lounge area, using his gift as a singer to motivate all the woman out here. Just looking at J-Hen swagger, you can tell he is a ladies man who was born to make music.

His new album “On To The Next”, which was named after his single is fire. This project has a mixture of both pop and R&B, making it easier for J-Hen to attract more fans and become more marketable through his skills. “My Appreciation” is another hit single off the album, followed by his third single titled “Electric”. My favorite thing about this project is J-Hen ability to tell his story, while still remaining entertaining,and by giving us that commercial sound that we all want to hear. There is not a song on here that won’t get stuck in the forefront of your mind. You know you did your job as an artist when people are signing your song without it playing.

Right now he is currently signed to Sony The Orchard. With over 160,000 views on his video, you’re bound to see him on the red carpets, topping billboard charts, winning awards, and touring all over the world. He is for sure making Texas, his home town, proud of his progress. Go check out his new album asap and let us know your thoughts.

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