Ohio Inmates Built Computers To Commit Credit Card Fraud & Other Crimes

Ohio Inmates Built Computers To Commit Credit Card Fraud & Other Crimes

Ever so often, stories come across about inmates in jails and prisons getting their hands on cell phones behind bars. Some prisoners at Marion Correctional Institution in Ohio took things to another level, building computers and then using them to commit crimes, after connecting to the prison’s Internet network.

This incident happened in 2015, but info has just been released. The powers-that-be at the prison realized something was off when they received a report that a device had “exceeded an internet usage threshold.” According to reports, inmates got their hands on some computer equipment from a program where inmates break down computers to learn basic computer maintenance skills and recycle obsolete parts. They transported the parts through the facility and built two computers, which they hid it in the ceiling.

One inmate, Adam Johnson, used the computers to apply for credit cards under another inmate’s name. Others used the computers to commit tax fraud and give themselves security passes to access restricted areas of the prison. Additionally, investigators found articles on drug manufacturing, explosives and carding, as well as a shit ton of porn.

The five inmates were transferred to other prisons. The prison was audited for “any further clandestine computers,” according to Flipboard.

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