PA Mother Locked Up For Injecting Teens With Heroin

There have always been irresponsible parents out there willing to “party” with their own children and other kids in their neighborhood, by providing drugs and booze. Jessica Riffey, 34, of Chester County, PA was one of those parents. According to neighbors, she provided her now 14-year-old daughter with weed and alcohol in the past. The bad parenting didn’t stop there. Riffey’s household, like so many others in the United States these days, became enveloped by the heroin epidemic. Riffey is now jailed for injecting her daughter and another 16-year-old boy with dope.

According to 6ABC, West Caln police descended upon Riffey’s home last Thursday to check on the kids. The teens then informed police officers that Riffey, a local restaurant manager, had supplied them with heroin and helped them shoot up on several occasions in September. Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan explained, “For both of these children, the defendant would actually tie off their arms so that the veins would pop out, and then she could inject them with the heroin.”

Riffey is now being in custody on $50,000 bail. Her incarceration follows that of her boyfriend, Jamison Burn, who was arrested and charged with drug dealing and other offenses. Riffey’s daughter is now said to be with her biological father. The 16-year-old boy does not have a strong family support system, according to reports, so County Services will be handling his next moves. Both of the kids will be detoxed and it is hoped that they receive the help that they need.

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