A Peek Inside An International Cocaine Dealer’s Home

A Peek Inside An International Cocaine Dealer’s Home

There has always been an infatuation with criminals in America. This is especially true of drug dealers who become like celebrities to people who see the glitz and glam, the end result of a hellish grind. While we may seethe cars and clothes and accessories that they flaunt on the street, very rarely do we get a peek into their homes. Some drug dealer’s homes are worthy of being on MTV Cribs and rival legitimate celebrity and business moguls homes. The home of international narcotics violator, Teodoro Maurcio (a.k.a. “The Dove” Fino) is one of these homes.

Maurcio was arrested in October 2008 in Mexico. He had been on the run from Colombia since 1997. Maurcio was accused of moving latrge quantities of cocaine for the notorious Beltran Leyva brothers for sale in the United States. He was arrested after a string of busts and high profile arrests. That year 3,725 people were killed in connection to the Mexican drug game.

What the Mexican Federales found was comparable to many movies about big time dope dealers. We all remember in ‘Scarface’ when Tony Montana proudly walked his wedding guests down to see his pet tiger? Well, Maurcio had rare albino tigers on his grounds along with panthers and lions. There was even a hippopotamus found swimming in one of the house’s swimming pools.

Remember the scene in ‘Blow’ when George Jung and Diego had so much cash that they didn’t have anywhere to put it? Well, Maurcio had mountains of cash is the massive house, even some lining the walls in certain areas. He also had a large collection of gold plated, ornate automatic and handguns, some in glass enclosures like a museum. Millions of dollars in stolen art was also recovered.

The house also featured a huge underground hot tub fashioned like a cave with stalactites hanging from the ceiling.

Check out the photos from the house from Boredom Bash:

Mexican-Gangster-5 Mexican-Gangster-8 Mexican-Gangster-10 Mexican-Gangster-18 Mexican-Gangster-1


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