Pennsylvania Inmates Loses Appeal That Drugs Boofed Up His Ass Weren’t His

Pennsylvania Inmates Loses Appeal That Drugs Boofed Up His Ass Weren’t His

Edwin Wylie-Biggs, a Pennsylvania inmate serving time for possession of heroin with intent to sell and recklessly endangering another person, found himself in even more trouble when he was found with a pack of synthetic weed in his ass last year. He was charged with a charge of possession of contraband by an inmate, he got three-to-six years tacked onto his two-to-four year sentence. Although, he was caught in such a predicament, Wylie-Biggs decided to appeal the ruling to extend his stay in prison. However, a PA judicial panel ruled to uphold the sentence extension.

According to the New York Daly News:

A corrections officer testified that he told Wylie-Biggs to bend over during a strip search, having seen another inmate pass him something.

When Wylie-Biggs spread his buttocks “a clear plastic bag containing a small blue balloon could be seen sticking out of his rectum,” according to the court document.

Wylie-Biggs took the bag out of his anus, which officials immediately tested. The substance came back positive as K2, a synthetic form of marijuana.

Wylie-Biggs appealed his prison-caught charge on the grounds that the state didn’t have sufficient evidence. However, the Superior Court panel called bullshit on that, stating that the state did, indeed, have sufficient evidence that the crime was committed.

Wylie-Biggs has been in prison since pleading guilty in August of 2014 to the heroin charges and reckless endangerment charges. In January of that year, he survived a 100-foot fall off a bridge in suburban Pittsburgh while running from police.

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