Peru’s Modern Narcos [DOCUMENTARY]

Peru’s Modern Narcos [DOCUMENTARY]

A wave of violence is sweeping El Callao, a port city with more than double the murder rate of the rest of Peru.

Ex-convict Chinchon guides correspondent Fernando Lucena through the city’s criminal underworld, where young hitmen working for international cocaine cartels strike with impunity to protect a multibillion-dollar trade.

View the full documentary below:

Watch here to see the story of the Super Cartel.

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  1. From Toledo Ohio and where were hour away from detroit Mich ,it seem more crimes are in these cities around are children and no one cares but for their drug kingpins and their children and families ? It now seems that’s all that left from the black community of common class peoples of just ever day living of what has browl down too in an from black culture are their picks of whom gets what and where while were left out and no one bothers or even care ? Sad case if liberty and justice of American citizen of the what ever legal class

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