Philly Cop Arrested For Selling Drugs He Got From Baltimore Police

Philly Cop Arrested For Selling Drugs He Got From Baltimore Police

Philadelphia police officer Eric Troy Snell, 33, was arrested last week on charges of conspiring with Baltimore police to sell heroin and cocaine seized in B-More. He is also accused on threatening one of the Baltimore officers’ children.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Snell began his police career in Baltimore before arriving in Philadelphia in 2014. It was at the police academy in Maryland that he met Jemell Rayam, a fellow officer and his primary contact with the Baltimore Gun Trace Task Force.

The squad had been deployed to crack down on the proliferation of illegal guns in that city. But prosecutors now say that Rayam and several cohorts, including two commanding sergeants, used their positions to rob drug dealers and pocket hundreds of thousands of dollars uncovered while searching homes and cars of suspected criminals.

Last year, Snell arranged a meeting between his brother and Rayam about selling coke seized by the task force. Snell reportedly deposited $1,000 in Rayam’s bank account and kept $1,000 for himself when his brother was finished selling the drugs. Several more similar transactions were made over the next two months.

In March, Rayam and six other Baltimore police officers were arrested. They all pleaded guilty to one count of racketeering conspiracy. Court filings detail recorded jailhouse phone conversations Snell had with Rayam to keep his name out of it. The indictment states, “Snell told Rayam to ‘stand tall’ and said he would ‘keep an eye’ on Rayam’s kids, which Rayam perceived as a threat to harm Rayam’s children if Rayam told authorities about Snell’s illegal drug trafficking.”

Snell appeared in court in Baltimore last Tuesday. It was not clear if he had hired a lawyer or not.

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