Pittsburgh Cop Put On Desk Duty After “Celebrating” The Death Of Slain Rapper Jimmy Wopo

Pittsburgh Cop Put On Desk Duty After “Celebrating” The Death Of Slain Rapper Jimmy Wopo

Last week was a tragic week in hip-hop. The masses mourned up-and-coming, controversial Soundcloud sensation XXXtentacion, after he was gunned down in an alleged armed robbery in Florida. Alas, though met with less fanfare, another rapper on the rise was also murdered. The rapper in question was Pittsburgh start Jimmy Wopo, who was killed in a double shooting.

While there was an outpouring of love for Wopo from his fans and colleagues, there were apparently some who were happy that the rapper was gone. One of those people was Officer Brian M. Martin of the Pittsburgh Police.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Martin’s morbid joy was displayed publicly on Facebook:

In the exchange, one user said that no one was protesting for Wopo’s death, although the city has seen widespread protests regarding the fatal police shooting of Antwon Rose II, a 17-year-old who was shot as he ran away from East Pittsburgh Officer Michael Rosfeld on Tuesday.

“No one protesting for him?” the post reads in part. “Everyone forgot about the wopo (sic) murder that quick?”

Officer Martin replied, “Not me. I’m still celebrating.”

Martin, who joined the force in 2016 and works in Zone 6 on Pittsburgh’s West End, is now under investigation by the city’s Office of Municipal Investigations and has been restricted to “modified duty” (read: desk duty). “We will hold this officer accountable for his actions,” said spokesman Chris Togneri in a statement released on Friday. “Comments that disparage victims and endanger the community and fellow officers will not be tolerated by the city of Pittsburgh.”

Read more about the investigation by clicking the link below:

Stream Jimmy Wopo’s final mixtape, Back Against The Wall below:

Watch the prime suspect in XXXtentacion’s murder in his first court appearance here.

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