Police Killings Are The Highest They’ve Been In Two Decades

Police Killings Are The Highest They’ve Been In Two Decades

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you know that police killings are a national concern for many. The killings of Mike Brown, John Crawford, Eric Garner and others have prompted a whole movement in Ferguson, MO and throughout the nation as people are fed up with police brutality and excessive force. Not so surprising, there have been more police killings now than there have been in the past twenty years.

The FBI reported 461 felony suspects fatally shot by police. The 2013 increase is the next in a series of consecutive annual increases in police killings. Since 2012, there have been an average of 96 incidents in which a Black male was killed by a White police officer according to the FBI’s justifiable homicide database.

However, analysts say the numbers aren’t pure due to the fact that they are police reported incidents and every law enforcement outfit doesn’t participate. The spike in killings could simply mean that  more law enforcement departments are reporting their numbers now. “It is irresponsible that we don’t have a complete set of numbers,” said University of Nebraska criminologist, Samuel Walker. “Whether the numbers are up, down or stable, this (national database) needs to be done. … This is a scandal.”

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