Power Recap

Power Recap


If you’re like me, you can’t get enough of the Starz network show, Power. I find myself replaying the scenes in my head or just watching them over and over again. So, with only four episodes left, I feel it’s only right we recap and chop it up about the show.

At this point,  Tasha got me heated! See, she is the type of chick that. . .never mind. I already told you what it was with Tasha, and how to NOT be like her. She is banging the help,  who also happens to be her best friend’s sloppy seconds. Talk about Girl Code violation (she need to check out Don Diva Issue 56 and check herself.) She even told her husband to keep hitting the mistress until she tell him to stop. What kind of fuckery is that? She coming foul in all directions (except that banging body; she built like the new Jag coupe – sleek and curvy in all the right places.)


The homie Ghost can’t get right either! He so wrapped around Angela’s clitoris that he can’t see out the walls far enough to handle his business. He is trying to get back right though. He successfully formed a commission, and is trying to stay one step ahead of everybody,  but he is clearly drowning in the lake of love. It’s hard being a kingpin when your mistress got you in some panties. Heavy is the head that wears the crown. . .

Tommy is his usual gangsta self, but he started simping real hard on Holly. He tried his best to keep it thorough and save Holly, but he didn’t know she was picked up by the Feds and is working with them to bring Ghost down. When she does reveal the truth, she hits him  with an ultimatum: Ghost or her. Tommy was screaming like a maniac when Holly walked out of his life with him chained to the bed. Who did she think he would choose?

Angela is all over the place.  She knows that her Ghost is the Ghost, but she is in love with him so deeply that she is torn. It seems as if she is still trying to pursue the case against him though.  One thing for sure, as long as he keeps giving her the business in the bedroom (or up against the wall, or the window) she may let him live. Then again, you never know.  . . THAT’S why we have to tune in to Starz and watch every Saturday at 9.

What are your thoughts?  Is Tasha wrong?  Does Ghost deserve it?  Will Angela bust Ghost? Hit us up on our social sites and let us know what you think! FB: Publisher Don Diva Magazine. Twitter : @dondivamagazine.

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