Gisele’s Gallery by Trayc




Back home in the “Bottoms” of New Orleans, every man in Gisele’s life hurts her. She promises herself no one will ever hurt her again. Since all they want is sex with no feelings involved, she decides to make a profit. The Gallery has the best artwork and women in all of Hope, Texas. Gisele is proud of her new business.

All seems well until the only man she truly loved is murdered. Now Gisele is the prime suspect and his wife wants Gisele to pay, not just for his death but for the humiliation of a mulatto from the “Bottoms” having an affair with her wealthy white husband. Secrets will be revealed and unwanted guests of Gisele and her girls are about to disrupt their happy home at The Gallery.

Tracy L. Simmons was born in New York City and raised by her strong-minded single mother, Maxine, who instilled in her children that to get ahead, you have to work for it, not sit on the sidelines. After the death of her father in 2005, Tracy realized life was not promised, and she wanted to leave her children with a legacy. She enrolled in school and obtained her Associate’s Degree in Administration of Justice. Her children inspired her to start writing. Tracy is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. She hopes to become a counselor for teenagers.

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