Issue 36


  • The Rise and Fall of Isaac “Big Ike” Hicks and the Miami Boys
  • Down But Not Out – For those who have done long prison sentences, filling the void from one period to the next is almost impossible.
  • Trouble Man; A Gangster’s Confession
  • Invisible Prison – There is no escaping your criminal record. Felons are now tracked throughout their lives by a network of government databases.
  • Love Him or Leave Him Alone – How to deal with your man just coming home from jail.
  • Facial Recognition Used in Public Places
  • Gadget For Drunk Drivers
  • Save Your Home From Foreclosure
  • The Gun Epidemic
  • Raw Law
  • Sexy Sticky Page Models
  • Lansing- CREAM Capital
  • She Wears the Pants – Women are becoming the new head of the household.
  • Is His Penis Just Too Small
  • Sex Tips for The Size Challenged Man
  • Plan B – Emergency Contraception

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