Quadir Lateef – ‘The Killmonger Theory’ [EP STREAM]

Quadir Lateef – ‘The Killmonger Theory’ [EP STREAM]

Last week, we posted “Life Thoughts” by Quadir Lateef of the Ruff Ryders. The track was a sample of Q’s full-length EP, ‘The Killmonger Theory,’ inspired by the villainous Erik Killmonger character (played by Michael B. Jordan) in the blockbuster Marvel film, ‘Black Panther.’ Q felt that he shared many of the revolutionary thoughts and ideologies that Killmonger espoused in the film, in his quest to become king of the land of Wakanda. The 12-track project was completed with the assistance of producer/engineer Brian Blaze.

Check out ‘The Killmonger Theory’ by Quadir Lateef below:

Check out ‘Black Panther’ director Ryan Coogler discuss the film with Hot 97 here.

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