Say No More: Bronx Barber Beat Up By 3 Over Bad Haircut

Say No More: Bronx Barber Beat Up By 3 Over Bad Haircut

In our communities, barbers oftentimes command respect by everybody who walks through their doors. They keep men (and sometimes women) in neighborhoods everywhere looking sharp in whatever hairstyles they choose. However, if a barber fucks up a haircut, there could be Hell to pay. A trash chop can ruin anybody’s mood. A barber in the Bronx learned this the hard way, recently.

FOX 29 reports that the New York Police Department is on the lookout for three people in connection to an assault at a Bronx barbershop. According to other barbers who witnessed the melee say that the barber in question was the aggressor in the situation. The 53-year-old barber refused to let one of his clients leave after the client refused to pay for a haircut he didn’t like. During the struggle, the client picked up a brush and hit the barber with it. The fight then spilled outside, where the second suspect hit the barber twice and a third hit him with a baseball bat.

All three suspects fled the scene and are currently being sought by the NYPD. Unfortunately for the barber, whomever owns the shop wasn’t feeling his actions and fired him.

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