Silicone Azz Shots from Home Depot!!!

 Kim Smedley who is currently out on bail, of Atlanta GA., is accused of injecting silicone into a stripper’s azz for Mulla. All due to Buffy The Body and the J-Lo’s, every stripper in america needs and wants a big azz and the buzz on the street was that Kim Smedley from Atlanta was providing the opportuniy of a big azz through silicone injections.

A stripper from Baltimore paid $1,000 for the underground silicone injections. She heard through the grapevine from other strippers of Smedley, who provided silicone injections to clients so they could have a big ol azz.

The stripper met with Kim Smedley at a Baltimore Renaissance hotel to receive nine silicone injections in her hips and azz. Smedley reassured the stripper that the silicone was for medical use. Stripper girl laid on the bed while Smedley poured the silicone from a water jug into a cup and then from the cup she then used a needle and syringe to suck the silicone in. From there, Smedley injected it into the strippers azz.

Smedley is not a license medical professional, and also did you know silicone is not approved by the FDA to inject into your azz. Smedley’s finances have been investigated and police discovered that she did not have any purchases for silicone, but for purchases at Lowe’s and Home Depot, where it is believed she bought the unknown substanced for the injections.

The stripper, after receiving her final treatment, reported shortness of breath and was admitted to Johns Hopkins Hospital and diagnosed with pneumonia and had fluid in her lungs. She then had to be admitted to Good Samaritan Hospital where she admitted to the doctors that she had received  silicone injections. A CAT scan discovered that silicone fluid was on both sides of her lungs.

The stripper still has silicone fluids in her lungs, after a ten day stay at the hospital and sent a text message to Smedley saying “You Almost Killed Me” but received no reply from Smedley.

Ladies this is a warning!!! If you are desperate for a big ol azz, try wearing “Booty Pops” (butt padding) or getting the medical treatment called “Brazilian Butt Lift” and spare your life. It’s not worth it.

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