Single Copy Of 1984 Book ‘How To Rip Off A Drug Dealer’ Selling On Amazon For $3,000

Single Copy Of 1984 Book ‘How To Rip Off A Drug Dealer’ Selling On Amazon For $3,000

On social media, people might reference Plies’ song, “Ran Off On Da Plug Twice.” If you aren’t in the know, Plies was saying that he, basically, stole from his drug dealer on two occasions. While this may be funny or intriguing to think about, these things usually don’t end well. If you steal from a drug dealer, especially a “plug,” you could end up getting fucked up out here.

However, if you were thinking about robbing a drug dealer, there is apparently a book out there that will tell you just how to pull it off. The book is entitled, ‘How To Rip Off A Drug Dealer.’ It was published in 1984 by author Rex Feral. However, this knowledge will cost you a pretty penny. As it stands, there is only one copy of the book available on Amazon and it is selling for $2,940.91.

There isn’t much information out there about what ‘How To Rip Off A Drug Dealer’ synopsis-wise. There are few reviews. Amazon user Mike Clark wrote, “This book floated around our circle for about 2 years. After reading and following the step-by-step (outlined in chapter 3), I had little success. I would suggest that readers highlight most of the tips in chapter 5. Those did come in handy. Maybe put some of those tips in the step-by-step in chapter 3. Stealin It.”

Another user, Tropics of Exchange, wrote a more in-depth review:

Rex Feral Rules!

OK, so, this book spoke to me on so many levels. I’m from Cincinnati, the Queen City, so I know about drugs and drug dealers (DDs). It made me think about all the times I was leaving a drug deal and thinking, “Damn, I just got ripped off.” So this book was like turning the tables on that whole thing. Sometimes I think I have to stick around, like it’s a social thing or something, and get high with my dealer (who is ripping me off and more often than not smoking/using my newly purchased drugs), just because it’s the right thing to do. And I’m always thinking that he (it’s always a he, except for two time in my experience) is thinking, “When is this idiot gonna leave?” But then if you pick up and roll straight out, sometimes that’s not cool because the neighbors might think that it’s a drug operation next door. But they already know that, so it’s an extended bad-faith charade. Still I do it. Or rather, did it.

Before I should die I should write about a pot dealer, let’s call him Jim, who was born without arms because of Thalidomide. Jim was a photographer, mostly sports, who used his feet like we use our hands, which was amazing and also discomfiting when high. He lived in a fitted-out tool shed. It had a kitchen and a bathroom, but it was still a tool shed. On the same property was a Buckminster Fuller Geodesic Dome built to spec, which I never got to visit. To be honest, it was always kind of creepy pulling up to the place, which was adjacent to a large cave system frequented by spelunkers. Which brings me around to the whole “spraying water to weigh down weed” scam. I don’t think “Jim” weighed down his pot, but only because that was back in the 80s and early 90s before the practice became widespread. Or so I’ve heard. Part of me thinks that DDs have always been diluting their product. I looked up diluting in the dictionary. It means adding water to something. It’s like they think we don’t know that we don’t know. Hello Dealers, We know you’re spraying it down. It’s so f obvious. We get ripped off because it’s like Ghostbusters, “Who you gonna call?” Nobody.

The genius of this book is obvious. I want to apply its principles to everyday life. I have a life coach now. His name is Michel de Certau and he was a Jesuit. He is currently deceased. Although he didn’t write explicitly about spelunking or drug dealing, after reading his 2-volume “The Practice of Everyday Life” the connection is clear to me.

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On Amazon, Rex Feral has one other “how to” book available entitled, ‘Hit Man,’ and it is selling for $59.99 to $64.57. On the page for this book, it appears to give the author’s background:

Rex Feral kills for hire. Daring. Unafraid. Professional. Now he dares to tell his professional secrets. Feral is a hit man. Some consider him a criminal. Others think him a hero. In truth, he is a lethal weapon aimed at the enemy of the one who pays him. He is the last recourse in these times when laws are so twisted that justice goes unserved. He is a man who controls his destiny through his private code of ethics, who feels no twinge of doing his job. He is a professional killer. Learn how a pro makes a living at this craft without landing behind bars. Find out how he gets hit assignments, creates false working identity, makes a disposable silencer, leaves the scene without a trace of evidence, watches his mark unobserved, and more. An expert assassin and bodyguard, Feral reveals the details of how to get in, do the job, and get out – without getting caught. For informational purposes only! Neither the author, the publisher, or the seller assumes any responsibility for the use or misuse of the information contained in this book.

If you want to grab the only copy of ‘How To Rip Off A Drug Dealer’ for close to $3,000 click here.


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