How To Stay Trendy And Warm During A Blizzard

How To Stay Trendy And Warm During A Blizzard

No matter where in the world you are, you’ve undoubtedly heard of this gargantuan snow storm/blizzard currently thrashing the northeastern US. While many people are probably worried about digging their car out of a snow bank or concerned with rolling power outages in their city, there are guaranteed to be some people who are only thinking: “What am I going to wear?”

Maybe not the most mission critical question someone could ask themselves in a record breaking blizzard but a fair question nonetheless. It’s safe to say that we’re all guilty of perhaps not wearing that extra layer because your outfit underneath was so on point and everyone needed to see it. This is because in today’s day and age, people (especially in trendy areas) often negate function and opt for fashion; even if it means catching a cold. But with winter storm Juno creeping into all areas of the northeastern USA opting for function over fashion could be the wiser choice. Luckily, we here at Don Diva believe that you can have both. Here is a quick style guide on how to stay trendy and warm during a blizzard.


This is perhaps the most integral part of your warm/trendy outfit. Keeping your top half warm can feel like life or death but so can keeping it trendy. It is usually the largest part and most noticeable part of your outfit. For the fellas, you’re in luck. The more industrial jacket companies are starting to make pieces that fit within the “streetwear” category, making for Everest ready jackets with a Williamsburg flavour. The North Face Sierra jacket posted below combines North Face’s classic rugged shape but mixes in the camo print that is hot in these streets. For the ladies, oversized fits are back in style and what better way to stay warm than to be covered from neck to knee by an insulated parka. The padded parka below is an ideal jacket that’s made to withstand the elements and turn a few heads.

 New Look Padded Parka North Face Sierra


Boots are an integral part of any winter outfit; blizzard or not. In some milder situations, you can get away with delicate suede boot or even a high cut sneaker but in conditions like these a durable boot is required. The stigma with heavy duty boots is that people often equate large and clunky to warm. This is however not the case. A great boot that gives you traction, stability and warmth without compromising a sleek look is the Blundstone. This boot, made in Australia, has everything you need to stomp the snow and the runway. They are slide-on slide-off, have real leather upper coupled with a surface gripping rubber sole and they’re seamless? They’ve got a couple styles ranging from the classics to the chisel toe shown below. They can be rocked with something as flashy as leather pants or can be used to compliment your favorite pair of easy jeans. Did we mention they’re waterproof? Hello, dry socks!

 Blundstone Boots


We’ve covered your feet and chest, but what about your head? The current polar vortex that we’re living in will take a serious toll on your ears if you don’t cover them up. When it comes to hats, less is usually more. You don’t need an elaborate multi-level toque with ear-flaps or a brim; leave that for prepubescent middle-schoolers. You want to equip yourself with a warm, one color beanie with a little height on the top. Why the extra height? Having your toque resemble a skull cap isn’t exactly going to boost your street cred and if you pick the wrong color your toque might look like a contraceptive device. Go with a classic black or maroon beanie that fits around your head and guaranteed it will tie your blizzard-proof outfit together nicely.

Beanies to survive a blizzard

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