#StayWoke: An Official ‘Get Out’ Study Guide!!!

#StayWoke: An Official ‘Get Out’ Study Guide!!!

With $76 million earned in its first ten days (and Firesticks in the streets), it’s safe to say you’ve seen Jordan Peele’s social psychological thriller, Get Out. The film has drawn some criticism from folks who say it’s racist (since it’s about Black men who are kidnapped by a White family to be lobotomized), but the overall reception has been that Peele (who has a White mother and is, in fact, married to a White woman) showed streaks of genius and has ushered in a new genre.

In the hype, there will be a lot of thinkpieces, memes and gifs circulated, but with Get Out, a full-on study guide has been released. The author of the “Get Out Syllabus” is one Crystal Boson, PhD, who wrote:

The “Get Out” Syllabus focuses intently on the conversations surrounding White violence, the consumption of Black Bodies, and the erasure of Black Women that the movie elicits. The syllabus is divided into two parts; the first  closely examines the historical and cultural violences that made the movie possible. The second section examines the absences and erasures that make sections of the film explicitly more horrifying. My “Get Out” syllabus is in no way meant to be exhaustive or complete. Rather, it is an entry to point to key conversations that must be continued after the movie falls from theatres and our current popular culture attention span.

Heavy art requires heavy analysis. The full “Get Out Syllabus” can be found by clicking here.

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