Technologies of Future: What Will Dating Be Like

Technologies of Future: What Will Dating Be Like

We live in the era of high technologies, and we use modern inventions in our everyday life because they have brought us comfort. Many countries now employ public video surveillance as an important tool to monitor and log population movements and to prevent terrorism. There is a great number of new surveillance technologies such as CCTV, number plate recognition, street-level cameras, speed cameras that are deterrent to crime and police can quickly solve criminal cases with material evidence.  Digital and electronic inventions have both negative and positive impact on our daily life. On one hand, town-wide surveillance is meant to keep you and other property safe, not to stalk you. Cameras are there not to invade a person’s privacy but to protect you. Criminals are less likely to commit crimes in the area if they know someone keeps track of them the whole time. On the other hand, it will allow governments to watch us, which may not matter now, but if it is handed over to the wrong people it can end up catastrophic. Some people are strongly convinced that street-level cameras are just there to give the public a false feeling of safety and are a less effective replacement for policing and it just turns us into a surveillance society.

But it must be mentioned that some of them make our life easier even now. For example, there exist a lot of modern ways of making friends as speed flatmating or speed dating. Besides, we can use dating sites to find partners for life. It’s essential for some people who are too shy or don’t like to go outside, or to the disabled. Modern companies for dating are divided into two camps.

eHarmony, Match, and OkCupid. On sites like these, you need to write a long essay about yourself and fill out questionnaires. These data services are then used to select compatible couples from their subscribers. These kinds of profiles are full of information, but they take time to complete and give people plenty of opportunities to present themselves in a false light when asking questions like:“ How often do you play sports? ”Or“ Are you a slob? ”.

Tinder, Bumble and Hinge. Such services refuse questionnaires and essays in favor of linking accounts in social networks. Tinder fills in user profiles with information about the music listened to in Spotify, friends, and likes from the Faculty and photos from Instagram. Instead of select couples on “compatibility”, these applications provide us with a flow of new persons with the maximum possible speed.

Besides, some dating sites consider the interests of disabled people looking for a partner. For example, the biggest Russian dating site is widely used by the handicapped where they can find a person who knows about the disease they suffer from and who is ready to connect the life with someone with special needs.

Besides, not for long ago Researchers from Imperial College London decided to suggest how people’s perceptions of ideal dating and romantic relationships would change in a few years, taking into account the current rate of technological progress. We have collected some of the most interesting scenarios.

  1. The virtual reality

It already exists and is used in many areas and, most likely, will soon become part of human relationships. Virtual reality technology will give people the opportunity to be close, feel the touch and smell, even while being physically at a distance of thousands of kilometers. In other words, dating can be made even without personal presence.

  1. My favorite robot

Scientists do not exclude the possibility of relationships with robots. This concerns especially those people who do not like noisy companies and prefer loneliness, simply put, introverts. Silicon Valley inventors claim that in 10 or so years, communication with robots will become a habitual thing.

  1. Divination for big data

Another technology that may be waiting for us in the future is computers, defining models of human behavior and calculating “perfect couples”. In addition, such innovations will help make important decisions about readiness for marriage or childbirth. It is possible that we will soon be able to determine the perfect soulmate with DNA matches. According to research conducted in 2014, people tend to fall in love with people with a similar genetic code.

  1. With the speed of sound

The distance between people every year is becoming less of a problem due to the development of transport. To date, there are already ultra-high-speed technologies that allow overcoming even very long distances in a matter of hours. In other words, a journey to your beloved to the other end of the world will soon be able to fit into the lunch break.

On the whole, due to technological progress that continues and moves rather fast, it is possible that in future dates will go only on the internet or somewhere in the net, or even in the space helping people to save time and giving pegs to those who just are not able to go on ordinary rendezvous.


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