Texas Inmates Donate Commissary Funds To Hurricane Harvey Relief

Texas Inmates Donate Commissary Funds To Hurricane Harvey Relief

With the last round of hurricanes to hit the US and overseas, there has been an outpouring of love coming from many places to help relief efforts. Even prisoners in the Texas penal system were moved to try to help. Texas inmates donated portions of their commissaries to raise more than $53,000 to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, which devastated the Houston area. According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, inmates donated money to the Red Cross for a full month, from August 31 to September 30.

“After Hurricane Harvey struck Texas, people from across the nation came together to help rebuild the Lone Star State. Many donated to organizations who assisted those in need. Offenders incarcerated within TDCJ were no exception. Through the commissary, 145,000 offenders could choose to donate in one dollar increments to the American Red Cross. From August 31st – September 30th, they gave more than $53,000. During Hurricane Katrina, offenders requested the ability to donate to the organization. At that time, they donated more than $40,000 to Red Cross,” the TDCJ posted to their Facebook page.

This goes to show that inmates are not all the scumbags that many would have you believe they are. Many inmates depend on their commissary funds to purchase items to make their bids a little more bearable. Instead of getting the amenities they would enjoy, they used those funds to make life better for someone else. Salute to those inmates.

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