The 2017 BMW M760i Is A Game Changer

Remember when James Bond was sitting in the back of his Bimmer, driving it by remote control? Seemed far-fetched then, right? Well, for about 150 racks that experience and a LOT more could be yours if you purchase the 2017 BMW M760i. The all-new first M version of the 7 series sedan – BMW’s flagship sedan – is not only a technological masterpiece; it’s also a monster under the hood. Boasting 601 hp from a powerful V12 engine, the behemoth sedan hits 0-60 in just 3.5 seconds. However, what sets this ultimate driving machine apart from other cars on the market is the ability to park itself by remote control. That’s right! You can actually use the key fob for this car and put this vehicle in a parking space without being inside it. Another techno marvel is the control panel. Like something from the future, you can use your hand to adjust the audio, answer the phone, and climate controls. Since words can’t really explain how this works, check out the in-depth review ¬†below. For my hustlers who have abandoned the “Black Man’s Wheels” know that BMW is back and repping hard!

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