The 6 Best 2018 Christmas Gifts for Music Lovers

The 6 Best 2018 Christmas Gifts for Music Lovers

With Christmas right around the corner, there’s not much time left to think about what gifts to give the people in your life.

Luckily, if you have a person in your life who enjoys all things music, it is relatively easy to find the perfect gift. With countless options of band merchandise, portable speakers, and guitar picks, you’ll definitely find something meant for them.

From Sony headphones to gift cards for their favorite music downloading app, these gifts are sure to please your music lover.

1) Headphones

The most basic, but brilliant, idea for a gift is headphones. Most music lovers are never without a pair, and most are always in need of updated ones.

While searching for quality headphones seems like a big job, these wireless headphones by Sony come with that exact guarantee; you can read the review for them here.

Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones are rated very well for noise cancelation, audio quality, and overall comfort, so they are sure to impress picky listeners.

The gift of headphones is perfect for the person in your life who always wants to listen to music.

2) Record Player

Vinyl is making a comeback. Many young people want to collect records and play them on something vintage.

Record players can be found online on websites like Amazon for great prices; just make sure to do your research on sound quality and durability before you purchase the cheapest one.

If the musician in your life already owns a record player, buy them a new record. Find out their favorite artist and go to a music shop, or even most bookstores, and it is likely that you will find their favorite artist.

3) For Those Who Play Music

If the music lover in your life is also a musician, it is likely that they will enjoy something for their instrument.

Things like custom guitar picks, strings, or drumsticks are sure to delight musicians and they are practical as well.

If you have a young musician in your life, it may be worthwhile to find out what instrument they are interested in playing and buy the instrument for them. If your daughter has always wanted to learn the guitar, surprise her with the gift of music on Christmas morning.

4) Wireless Shower Speaker

For those music lovers who cannot even bear to spend fifteen minutes in the shower without their music, a shower speaker will save their life, as well as their phone from getting water damage.

There are countless kinds of shower speakers, but any of them will work. The best part about these speakers is that most of them will come with the ability to skip songs, power on and off, and when you yell at them to turn it down, they can also control the volume straight from the device.

5) Gift Cards Galore

Whether they purchase all of their music from the apple or android store, have a subscription to Apple Music or Spotify, or any other possible streaming service, there is a gift card they can use for their favorite music store.

Spotify even offers gift cards. You can give your loved one a month of free Spotify Premium listening. Most other music downloading apps have a gift card that you can purchase as well.

6) Concert Tickets

Many bands and artists will release tour dates before or around Christmas time. Any music lover will be ecstatic to receive tickets to see their favorite artist live.

Find out what artist they most want to see and look up tour dates and show times either on the artist’s website or on ticketing apps like Stubhub or Ticketmaster. 

Bottom Line

Christmas shopping can be difficult if you do not know about someone’s particular interests. Luckily, if they are interested in music, a world of possible gift ideas opens up.

Whether they themselves are the musician or if they prefer to be the ones listening, they’re bound to love any of these gift ideas.

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