The Man Who Cured AIDS – Dr. Sebi Dies at 82

The Man Who Cured AIDS – Dr. Sebi Dies at 82

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Dr. Sebi (born Alfredo Bowman) was a world-renowned herbal healer who was known as the man who cured AIDS. Dr. Sebi was from Honduras, but known all over the world for his natural healing abilities, using herbs in lieu of traditional medicine. He has treated numerous celebrities for various ailments including Michael Jackson, Danny Glover, and the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez of TLC (she was a patient of Dr. Sebi’s when she met her untimely death in the Honduras). Dr. Sebi’s practice centered around rendering the body to an alkaline state. According to Dr. Sebi, if the body is rendered to an alkaline state, it could fight off diseases and ailments. He created a line called vegetable Cell Food  that fortified the body to help facilitate this.  Dr. Sebi’s claim to fame was that he cured AIDS, cancer, diabetes, and other “incurable” diseases, and PROVED it in the NYC Supreme Court in 1987.

On February 10, 1987, Dr. Sebi was arrested for practicing medicine without a license and making fraudulent claims, after he placed an ad in the Amsterdam News claiming to cure AIDS, lupus, sickle cell, cancer, and other incurable diseases. Later that year, he won the case when he presented 72 witnesses with documentation proving he cured them of their “incurable” diseases (he only had to present 9 witnesses to establish his case) The victory propelled Dr. Sebi to global prominence, and substantiated his medical practices.

The obvious question is: If he cured AIDS, why is it still here?

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Unfortunately, America is a business that is structured around White Supremacy. Dr. Sebi’s methods weren’t heralded in the mainstream because he did not use the traditional approach. Dr. Sebi was not a doctor endorsed by the Medical Association of America. He did not sit in classrooms and receive a degree that validated him. Instead, he was on the “fringes” of the medical establishment, doing the work of healers. We know, in America, things that aren’t backed by the establishment are ridiculed or vilified. Also, we have to take into consideration that pharmaceutical companies are the biggest drug dealers in America. (The U.S. isn’t only in Afghanistan for oil.) There are BILLIONS of dollars funneled into the American economy via treatment for “incurable” diseases. It is not in the medical industry’s best interest to cure “incurable” diseases.  Also, let’s not forget the fact that Dr. Sebi was a Black man, and in America, we have been conditioned to think that “White ice” is cooler than “Black ice.” If Dr. Sebi were a White man, his medical breakthroughs would have been trumpeted across the globe. Or, they would have killed him.

Which brings us to his death.

Dr. Sebi died while in police custody under suspicious circumstances. It has been reported that on May 28, 2016, he and an associate were detained after attempting to board a private plane in the Honduras with $37,000 in cash on charges of money laundering. He was released, but later detained again on June 3, 2016, by the Honduras’s equivalent of the FBI on charges of money laundering again. It was in their custody that he died from complications of pneumonia. What makes this fishy is Dr. Sebi’s main method of treatment is mucus elimination from the body. So, how would a man that is renowned for eliminating mucus from the body die of a disease caused by mucus inflammation? Hmm. . . I will not attempt to dishonor Dr. Sebi’s legacy by focusing too much on the method of his ascension to the elders. Instead, I will say that the best way to pay homage to Dr. Sebi is by arming ourselves with the wealth of information he dedicated his life to studying. Rest In Power, King!

Read more about  Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes in the TLC story here.

Below Dr. Sebi talks about his NYC Supreme Court case.


View the video announcement of Dr. Sebi’s death here.

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