Tighten Up That Cooch

Our Va-J-J is just like any other muscle and actually needs to be maintained and worked out.  Hmmmm!!! Never thought of that. I thought just by squeezing during sex was good enough and oh yea while at a stand still cooking, squeezing until I lock in my butt cheeks.

Well Diva’s (and Don’s if your bold enough to purchase) there is an actual machine called the KegelMaster 2000 to tighten up those loosy goosy walls. This newly crafted machine has different strengths and setting from 1-15. Can you believe that?! By the time you reach the 15 setting you will now be able to squeeze up to 8 pounds. Unbelievable!!!

You will now become the p*ssy squeezing pro and every man you encounter will gossip about the tightest p*ssy they ever had by “YOU”!

Now there is reps and all, not just a simple insertion and a squeeze. I’m sure you have heard of the saying “practice makes perfect”. You simply insert up to 3 inches (make sure you are lubricated) and my Diva’s please remember that this is not a DILDO… so do not freak off with the machine! After insertion you may feel an uncomfortable feeling.  OH! Pleasssseee I’m sure you’ve had BIGGER. Well it’s just your muscle contracting against the Kegelmaster and that my Diva’s is the beginning of the exercise.

Diva’s will you try this out? I say “why not?”. The Kegelmaster can be purchased online for the low price of $89.95 at

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  1. Love it. Can’t wait to try it! Thank you, Diva!

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