Top 5 Moments of the BET Hip Hop Awards

Top 5 Moments of the BET Hip Hop Awards

In case you missed last night’s BET Hip Hop Awards, hosted by Uncle Snoop – here’s all you need to see:

5. Lil Kim Cypher

Some people loved it, some people hated it, regardless she’s still the QUEEN.

4. Diddy Crown’s himself King

And that he is! Diddy is King of the remix, jumping on the hottest songs and talking the most shit. Rightfully so, because his bank account can back it up.

3. 2Chainz performs with Manny Fresh & Juvie

How many people had a flashback of the first time you heard these classics in a party and went OFF?

2. The Real Husbands of Hollywood Cypher

Kendrick exempt, this was the best cypher of the night! *drops mic*

1. #KendricksVerse

Everybody knew it was about to go down when the hashtag on all of our TV screens went from #HipHopAwards to #KendricksVerse. I was with Drake on giving this man no response… and then this happened.

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