Top Business Ideas that Weren’t Supposed to Make It

Top Business Ideas that Weren’t Supposed to Make It

Talk about business in the free market and you can come up with names like Apple, KFC or some other brand that has managed to make a name for itself based on some serious products. But how many times have you seen a completely random idea take the market by storm? There has always been a saying. If it’s crazy, but it works, then it’s not crazy. In the free market being run by business tycoons, some people had the guts to come up with some of the most absurd ideas that were critiqued to be worthless. Nobody took these ideas seriously but when the tables turned, profits and statistics were shocking.

Bed Bug Barrier:

For all those who have spent time in a hotel or a hostel, some of the worst problems that often presented themselves were of termites and bed bugs that gave infections and rashes in the morning. Tony Abrams figured this was a serious issue that needed to be addressed. He came up with the idea to offer bed barriers that ensured that no termite or infectious insect or bug would be able to come up to the surface of the bed. The barriers are applied at the bottom of the bed to make it higher and as simple and crazy as the idea might seem, Tony Abrams made millions of it and was settled for life.


Believe it or not, this business is solely dedicated to providing you with chickens and hens and a coop to give you the chance to try out urban farming. This business was a great success given the circumstances around that had people wanting to get into the chicken farming business and wanting to see if they could have a go at it without paying for it all permanently. Think of it as a trial period for all those interested in trying to run an urban farm that offers to take responsibility for the livestock when you feel like you have had enough.

Considering the sales this business had along with the revenue it had generated, nobody could argue that the idea was a crazy one, to begin with.

Hangover Helpers:

Hangover helpers was an idea conceived by two college students that saw the need of every individual having a great time with their pals and not being able to clean up after themselves. These guys showed up at the front door with burritos and cleaned up rooms and even houses, all the while recycling and taking care of the things around your house that you’re too drunk to handle.

These guys were able to make it to Forbes, CBS and even got hosted on Regis and Kelly’s talk show. Not to mention the infinite number of clients that are still reaching out to these helpers.

M-Spy Lite:

Think of the ultimate spy app, and you will come up with mSpy that has managed to make a name for itself. If you have ever wondered how to read someone’s text messages or how to keep track of someone’s location and social activity all the time, you should definitely give this app a try. It can provide secure and protected access that is not just limited to families for monitoring their child’s activities, but also for spouses in doubt. A lot of traffic has been diverted towards this idea that lets you keep an eye on those you wish to.


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