Top Resources that Make Your CompTIA Security+ Exam Preparation  Effective

Top Resources that Make Your CompTIA Security+ Exam Preparation Effective

The CompTIA Security+ certification is a top entry-level credential for professionals in the Information Technology field. If you are looking for a way to boost your prospect in the IT industry, this is one of the certifications you should consider earning. Having this certificate in your resume will surely increase your chances of landing your dream job.

Although there are exciting prospects that are associated with earning Security+, the first step is to write and pass the exam. You don’t just earn certifications simply because you desire it; you have to register for the exam, write, and pass it before you can be awarded the certificate. When it comes to preparing for the certification test, there are so many things that come into play. You must be prepared to dedicate enough time to studying the course content and also be ready to get your hands dirty to be able to receive hands-on experience.

For your study part, there are numerous resource materials that are within your reach. Thanks to technology, the Internet has made it very easy for the candidates to access any kind of resource materials they want. The resources may be provided for free or require payment. Depending on your budget, you can choose among the numerous resources that are available for your exam preparation. To help you in making the decision, we have highlighted some resource materials that will be of great help to you during your exam preparation process. The resources that are listed below have been grouped into groups of free and paid. You can access any of these resource platforms and get more info about Passing CompTIA Security+ certification which training is right for you?.

CompTIA Security+ Free Resources

The resources belonging to this group are free indeed. In other words, you don’t have to pay anything to make use of the study materials on these platforms.



If you are looking for free practice quizzes on CompTIA Security+, PrepAway is one of the platforms for you to check. You can access a number of different interactive practice questions and answers on the site. In addition to this, you also get the rationale for the answers so that you have a full understanding of why the given answer is the correct one.


  • ProfessorMesser


ProfessorMesser free resource is one of the top sites you can use for your exam preparations. The platform provides a series of training videos as well as other useful tools that will be of immense help during your exam study. You can take your time to go through the different training videos on the site to learn about the course content and how to prepare for the exam. ProfessorMesser also has some great tips that will help you in your preparation. The exciting thing about this platform is that it is free and can be accessedanytime you might need its materials. Wherever you are, you don’t have to worry about not gaining access to the platform, and the training videos are available to the candidates all over the world.


  • ProProfs


This site is rich in quizzes, exam questions and practice test. The platform offers you about 50 practice test questions and answers per time. As you are already aware, taking practice test is an integral part of your exam preparation. By taking such tests you are able to evaluate your knowledge and know how well you are prepared for the exam. You are also able to discover your weak areas so that you can work harder on them. All the questions and answers on the site are designed after the pattern of the real exam. So ensure that you take the practice tests as often as you can and aim to score 100% in the final exam.


  • CrucialExams


This platform has a wide range of amazing collections of practice test questions to choose from. If you want to get into the groove of taking practice exams, this is your platform of choice. It grants you unlimited access to numerous questions and answers that you can use to prepare for your CompTIA Security+ certification exam. The questions provided on this site are similar to the actual exam questions. As mentioned above, ensure that you aim to score high when using the practice tests. When you score 100% in practice exams, it indicates that you have mastered a good part of the course content and you are ready to take the real certification exam.

CompTIA Security+ Paid Resources

If you are not against investing in some practice resources, the top paid sites mentioned below are definitely worth checking out.


  • TestOut


This platform is your go-to site for training resources on CompTIA Security+ and other CompTIA exams for that matter. The Security Pro course offered on the platform is top-notch and is comparable to any other course in the market. TestOut offers a full package for your exam preparation. It provides test simulations that give you the real exam setting while taking practice test on the platform. The materials on this site might be considered a bit pricey but you can be assured of their quality and successful exam preparation.


  • Amazon


Amazon offers some of the best study books for the CompTIA Security+ exam. As a matter of fact, there is no other platform where you can get the same amount of resources as you can access on Amazon. The prices of these resources are also very competitive, so you might want to check out this site for the affordable study material.



As the vendor of the certification, CompTIA also offers great training resources on their site. Through it you can access the best list of materials you can use to study for the CompTIA Security+ exam. All you have to do is visit the official website of CompTIA and select the certification you want to study as well as your preferred method of study (computer-based, books, or practice tests) and you will see a list of top recommended resources.


There are numerous resources that are available for your exam preparation. You only need to choose the ones that best appeal to your study method. In addition to the resources mentioned above, there are also such sites as Udemy andPrepAway that you can explore to prepare for the exam. The fact is that the Internet contains enough study materials, and you just need to develop a study plan and start your preparation.

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