Trump Is In Office – Where Can We Go? (Part 1)

Trump Is In Office – Where Can We Go? (Part 1)

In less than a month, we’ve seen 45 take office, and charge forward with his agenda. He is planning to build another wall on the border of Mexico (last I checked, there is already one there), imposed (and fighting to maintain) a Muslim ban, and promising to send troops into Chiraq. What will the Great Orange One do next? Who will be next on his hit list? As the great Maya Angelou said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” If history is any indicator, his next target will be anyone who isn’t a part, or a sympathizer of, the Alt-Right. When – not if – the Great Orange One sends troops and militiamen in our direction to round us up, what options will we have? Where can we go when this s*** hit the fan? As a member of the “passport gang” since 1996, I can tell you firsthand that life is different abroad. Here, I’ve compiled a brief list of countries where we could migrate to rumble and rebuild until this impending chaos blows over.



I know, I know what you thinking… Africa?!! Maaaan, ain’t nobody going to Africa! They dying over there! ***Before you read any further, if that is your thought, it’s best you stay right here where you are clearly comfortable.*** For centuries, we have been brainwashed to believe that nothing good is in Africa, or Africa is a savage, wasteland where disease is rampant. While Africa definitely has its share of challenges (thanks to R/WS), Africa is still the place where mankind was born, and Africa is still the richest land mass on earth. So why does the Western world push this narrative that Africa is a savage wasteland, you ask? So they can keep Africa’s children out while they suck up all the resources! To see the richness of Africa, and the success that can happen when Africans in the diaspora come home, look no further than Ghana. Since 2000, Ghana has offered a “Right of Abode” program, which allows people of African descent to gain permanent residency. This essentially means that persons having the right of abode ‘shall be free to live and to come and go into and from the country without let or hindrance.’” Since the enactment of the program, a large number of “African Americans” have moved back to Ghana and started businesses. In fact, Ghana regularly encourages African Americans to come back home and utilize the skills and education learned in America to build Ghana. Land is relatively cheap, and there are lots of opportunities for growth. Did I mention that the official language is English? Is Ghana as advanced as New York or Atlanta, in terms of technology and certain conveniences? No. However, that’s the beauty of it! Before New York was New York, it was what Ghana is today. How wonderful and fulfilling would it be to play a major part in building a nation! You’re a hustler, right? Well, that’s the true nature of a hustler – turning “nothing” into something. Although you probably won’t have all the major trappings of American life in Ghana, you also won’t have to deal with the ill effects of those trappings either. Profiling, the Blue Klux Klan, the scammers, prison industrial complex, rampant crime, etc. Most importantly, you won’t have to deal with an Orange president rounding you into a concentration camp.



When we think of Egypt, we think of the Pyramids at Giza, the sphinx, and hieroglyphics. While those are symbols of Egypt, Egypt is soooo much more! Egypt is and has been a vibrant place since its inception. In comparison to other African nations, parts of Egypt are more developed, so there are amenities on par with Western culture. The best part about Egypt? The exchange rate is 18:1. What does that mean? It means you can buy groceries for the month for $40 USD It means that a 3-bedroom apartment in the center of the city would cost less than $250 USD a month. It means… good living! Again, make no mistake about it, there will be some culture shock associated with any travel abroad – just as if you moved from Jersey to Cali there would be some culture shock. However, if you keep an open mind, in time, things will get easy. English is the international language of business, so if you are about your business, communication should be no problem. There are whole neighborhoods of expats in Egypt so a transition may be easier in Egypt than one may think. As always, do your homework and due-diligence on anything before you commit to any living arrangements. Basically, *in my taxstone voice* be safe.


I’ll let you mull over those two countries for now, but trust, I have a whole lineup. In no way am I advocating we pack up and run from the country WE built, and allow them to have it. I’m simply suggesting that if things get tense for us in America, we need to have options. I’m saying that if it rains on our heads, we need to have an umbrella to duck under until we can eke out sunnier days. I’m saying that we spend trillions of dollars in this country; maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to spend that money toward building our own country somewhere else. Emigration isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The “Jews” did it in Israel. The Europeans did it when they came here and stole this land from the natives. Emigration is a part of human history, and options is luxury.

Before I go, allow me to point something out. Oftentimes, we are told about countries abroad from the eyes of people who do not look like us. I’m telling you from firsthand experience, your encounters abroad will be different from the encounters of “others.” Natives of other countries do not always look favorably on White Americans because White Americans have not historically been favorable to other countries. Therefore, their experiences abroad echo that. This is not to say that their experiences have been bad and yours will be good, or vice versa. I can say this though. I have been to over a dozen countries – and this is the only country where I was ever treated like a n****.

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