Tupac’s Prison Bible Is Selling For $54,000

Tupac’s Prison Bible Is Selling For $54,000

One of the pivotal moments of hip-hop icon Tupac Shakur’s life and career was his prison stint. He was locked up in Clinton Correctional Institute in Dannemora, NY, when he was convicted for first-degree sexual assault in 1993, after a woman said that he raped her. During his 9-month bid, Pac’s Me Against The World Album was #1 (the first time anyone scored a #1 album while in prison).

Now, one of Tupac’s possessions from that bid in Clinton is up for sale for big bucks. Tupac’s Bible that he supposedly used while locked up is being sold by for $54,000. The Bible features Pac’s signature, along with his inmate number, “95A1140.”

“I know his handwriting and it is indisputably his,” spokespman Gary Zimet told Huffington Post. “From a memorabilia standpoint, he’s as big as they come. The original lyrics for ‘Point The Finger’ sold for $32,150.”

Check out photos of the Bible below. If you have a spare $54K and want to own this artifact, check it out here.

Tupac Bible 1 Tupac Bible 2

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