19 Alleged Crips Members In Columbus Charged In Racketeering Conspiracy

Nineteen alleged members of the Trevitt and Atcheson Crips in Columbus, OH set have been indicted on charges of racketeering and murder. The racketeering conspiracy includes five murders, 26 attempted murders, other instances of violence and accusations of trafficking cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, oxycodone and cannabis to fund gun purchases for gang wars.

Of the 19 charged, 15 are already in custody. According to 11KCBY, the following individuals were charged in the indictment:

26-year-old Dominique “Doggy” Bryant

23-year-old Charles Carson

26-year-old Jonathan “Jesus” Dantzler

21-year-old Terrell “T Body” Hansard

30-year-old Andrew “Drip” Harris

19-year-old Eric “Lil Go, Little E” Henderson Jr.

39-year-old Eric “Easy” Henderson Sr.

20-year-old Michael “Bang” Henderson

25-year-old Steve “Big Go, Tana” Henderson

26-year-old Brandon “Gunner” Martin

22-year-old Lee “Capone” Devine McCrae

25-year-old Shawn “Mook” Nelms

21-year-old Terrance “Tee” Pyfrom

26-year-old Donovan “Don Don” Reed

25-year-old Deswan “Dezzy” Robinson

24-year-old Thomas “Bhomo” Seals

29-year-old Derrick “Fresh” Thornton

35-year-old Marcus “Ox, Wax” Walton

25-year-old Michael “Sossa” Watson

According to the report, the Trevitt and Atcheson Crips are based in the King-Lincoln district near East Columbus. The DOJ has identified their subsets as the following: Atcheson Crip Gangsters (ACG), Catch A Body (CAB), Kwamie Gang (KMG), Waun Gang, Family Over Everything (FOE), Go Gang, On the Family (OTF), Toe Tag and Go Crazy.

Their rivals have been identified as Blood sets including the Easthaven Bloods, Poindexter Thug Life (PTL), and the Milo Bloods.

All of the men charged are facing life in prison, but Carson, Dantzler, Hansard, Martin, Nelms, Robinson and Watson have been charged with murder in aid of racketeering, which could land them on Death Row.

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