Man Kills Gunman in Shootout at Illinois Gas Station [Full Video]

. Ronald Morales was shot multiple times at a BP gas station at 7450 W. Grand Ave., Elmwood Park. The shocking moment a driver shot and killed a gunman who marched up to his car after they ‘made eye contact’ at a gas station – but police say he WON’T be charged Surveillance footage captured a man killing a gunman in a shootout On April 8, Ronald Morales spotted a man pumping gas at a BP station in Illinois The 43-year-old walked over to the vehicle and threatened the driver with a gun The driver stepped out of his car, with his own gun, and they exchanged bullets Morales ran off and later died from his injuries, and the driver sped off Police say the man acted in self defense and will not be charged

The shocking moment a man shot and killed a gunman in a shootout has been captured on surveillance video – and police say he won’t be charged.

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