Benny The Butcher Speaks On A Westside Gunn Fight During Show & Dealing With Crowds

All the blogs are doing year-end blogs of the best music to drop during 2018. It would seem that these lists would be incomplete without including at least one of the several projects released by Griselda Records. One of the standouts in that bunch is Benny The Butcher’s recent album Tana Talk 3, which received critical acclaim. Since dropping the album, Benny has been on a press run, letting fans get to know the man behind the bars. Here, the Buffalo vet speaks on a time his labelmate Westside Gunn got into it with fans in Cincinnati. He also speaks on how GXFR deals with love and hate from crowds they rock in front of.

Watch here to see Benny The Butcher speak on his come up.

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