Bronx Teacher Beats Student & Threatens To Rape Mother For Running Off With $4K In Weed Money

Kevin Pope, a science teacher at the John V. Lindsay Wildcat Academy, a Bronx charter school, was described by students as a “cool guy.” However, one 16-year-old student at the school made him lose his cool, after the student ran off with $4,000 Pope allegedly gave him to buy a pound of weed in June. Pope was arrested for savagely assaulting the student to the point that the kid needed his head stapled.

The New York Times describes the scene when Pope caught up to the student:

“You better get my money,” the teacher snapped at the battered 16-year-old after the Wednesday beatdown, according to court papers. “You know where I work.”

Pope, 48, repeatedly punched the boy in the face, knocking him backward into the glass window of a local business before the teen collapsed on the sidewalk, a criminal complaint charged.

“Do you want to die?” Pope allegedly shouted at the teen. “You want to steal from me? I should break your arm … I should get someone to rape your mom every day after work.”

Reportedly, Pope then stole the student’s gold chain, iPhone and wallet. The beating was caught on surveillance camera.

Pope was released without bail after a hearing in the Bronx, where his lawyer argued that the student stole his brief case, which contained $5,000 in cash.

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