Cocaine Case Fell Apart After Arresting Officers Showed Up Late For Trial

Channel 5 Beliza reported on the case in which two men were charged with drug trafficking of five kilos of cocaine and possession of firearm and ammunition without a gun license, but freed of the charges. Thirty-three-year-old Carlos Lopez and 37-year-old Peter Schmidt both walked when their attorney made a ‘no-case submission’ because the arresting officers failed to appear in court.  At the time of the arrest on December 17, 2017, the police spoke of sophisticated operation in which the two were under surveillance at a café in Buttonwood Bay where they were discussing the drug transaction.  So what happened with that operation? ACP Joseph Myvett told the media that it wasn’t a case of failure to appear in court, but that the officers were late. And just like that, the case crumbled. Myvett says that there are internal consequences for the officers.

Watch here to see why cocaine cartels are winning these days.

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