Court Orders Washington Prison to Feed “Starving” Muslim Inmates

Via the CAIR website:

he Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today announced that a federal judge issued an order late Sunday requiring Washington Department of Corrections (WDC) officials to feed inmates and accommodate “all fasting Muslim inmates” as they observe Ramadan.


That ruling came in response CAIR’s filing of an emergency lawsuit yesterday in federal court in Seattle against WDC officials who are “starving” some Muslim inmates observing Ramadan.


CAIR is co-counseling this case with Jay Gairson of Gairson Law, LLC.


CAIR filed suit Sunday afternoon seeking the federal court’s immediate intervention and asking for a hearing as soon as possible. The Washington-based Muslim civil rights organization’s emergency motion requested an end of the prison’s starvation policy and that the Muslim inmates be provided “balanced nutritional diet” in accordance with state and federal law.

To read more about CAIR’s fight to make sure Muslim inmates are properly fed during Ramadan, click here.

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