DL Hughley on Kim Kardashian-West Prison Reforms: Kim & Prisons Both Screwed Black Guys

In this clip, DL Hughley gave his take on poor White people with regard to stereotypes of poverty, welfare and criminality almost exclusively being Black. DL broke down how poor Whites suffer from the same pitfalls that are amplified as Black issues but really stem from poverty. DL also said that poor Whites can be characterized as failures considering the social privilege they enjoy in America. He said if you’re poor and White you’ve wasted your 400-year head start.

Later on, DL and Vlad discussed Kim Kardashian’s prison reform mission and offer their skepticism regarding the Alice Johnson release.

Order DL Hughley’s new book, How Not To Get Shot, here.

Watch here to see Kim Kardashian-West and former inmate Alice Johnson meeting each other for the first time.

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