Fat Joe Tells How Rudy “Kato” Rangel Almost Killed Allen Iverson and Had Kanye Carry His Bags

Fat Joe and DJ Kay Slay tell stories about deceased Chicago Latin Kings leader Rudy Rangel a.k.a. “Kato.” Fat Joe tells about how Kanye West used to carry Kato’s Louis Vuitton bags and how Kato almost had NBA great Allen Iverson killed.

Watch Fat Joe’s Breakfast Club interview here.

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  1. Steven Kato Rangel

    Rip brother Kato always remember and never forgotten.. all lot of niggas feared you , but we’re scared to face you , I remember going by grandma Connie (Rip) we would always eat n laugh , those were the days , not a Day goes by i think about you ,long live KATO THE DON !

  2. RonBcrdi

    I used 2 Fuck w/ Kato when I worked at Glow on Wednesday Nights. They ‘d Come thru w/ 5 G Wagons, or The New H2’s. He Always Smoked Me Out at Chicago Trax When I sat In On The Dinero Sessions Too. Good Ass Dude. I hate I misplaced A Pic we had took together. Rest Up Homie. A Definite Good One

  3. Paletas Trouble

    No lie …KATO is still the biggest most humble person that showed love in lil ville, nigdka whooped out the Chevy Van with nothing but speakers in a wall thru the back you heard that MF van coming from 6 blocks away, King had a car for everyday of the week. Nigdka pull up behind 8ball house & his brother to blow hydro at that time the loudest ganja in the state, shit blew so hard it had the whole block imagining shit. I remember been on Lawndale and 28th KATO pulls up and said “yo king check it out, you by yo self? Here is a banger and a big dummy ass bag of dro drop it off by 8ball house when you done!” I only took the bag cause I already had a banger in the hood. That nigdka was the realist guy alive at that time “Dinero Records” reppn that label to the fullest. He still an idol in the hood, when they make the movie Nigdkas better go ask in little village about the truth. I remember he took DMX to Trumbull & 25th Nigdkas flying the gas choppers and one gets stickers on the tree, DMX said who ever brings it down gets to keep it, you had about 15 Latin Kings climbing the MF tree to get DMX Just handed the remote to the winner…LMAO GOOD TIMES. So much shit happened there that won’t even be in the movie real MF talk. Mindy stayed riding around with the Lst. too with her buck wild friend in the black lumina, after Rat Passed away they went anotha way, but always heard they was around in lil ville, just not with the Lst like before. Much Love to KATO he Neva be forgotten in Little Village. ADR

  4. Skare Kcm Chicago

    Forever my heart with the memories you left me cuz!… one love #FamilyFirst ….AYOOOKATOOOO!!! It’ll be very interesting to see how the movie turns out if they do go ahead and decide to make one

  5. Melissa Rae Martinez

    RIP KATO ~ He was one of my bestfriends brother Mindy Locks. Kato gave me my first job at his taco stand on 47th n lamon in Chicago. The first tym I met him I wentbto get some tacos for my dad I was smoking a blunt by myself as im wa9I look up n Katos in the window blown one back to showin me his blunt making faces blown smoke out the window . I remember Kato always jump out on Mindy while she was outside. He bought her a lil maxima n she came to homan with all the windows busted out and he snapped he was yelling at her for like an hour in the street. I remember his bytch Val yup she wS fake down to her lips ass tits but he loved her he bought her a hair salon n everything. First tym I met her was in the taco stand they came in I was smokn a lil Joint and I asked her if she wanted to hit it she like nah I only smoke blunts I was like ok then. Kato was cool af he always smoke everybody out the damn neighborhood. When he passed away his mama n mindy took it hard it was so sad. I remember his family never came back around like they did back in the day. I Just recently seen Mindy she thru her 40th bday n she invited me it was great to see her I haven’t seen her for a long time. Miss my homies 1 <3

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