Former Judge Sent To Prison For Probation Violation & She Isn’t Going Silently

City Court Judge Leticia Astacio was not happy about being sent to jail on Thursday. Judge Stephen Aronson locked her up for alleged probation violations stemming back to her 2016 DUI arrest.

According to Democrat & Chronicle:

Astacio currently is facing five alleged probation violations. She has pleaded not guilty to four of those recent probation violations. She claimed that her refusal to pay for a device that monitors alcohol consumption, which she is required to wear, is not a violation of probation.

Three allegations accused Astacio of failing to maintain her ankle alcohol-monitoring device and failing to abstain from consuming alcohol or using products that contain alcohol. Another charge alleges that she left Monroe County without permission from her probation officer or filing required paperwork.

Astacio is is set to return to court today.

Watch here to see the judge accused of abusing drugs and using Backpage to hire hookers.

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