GPS Ankle Bracelets To Track Teens?

You’ve probably heard of GPS ankle monitoring, but that’s usually reserved for convicts who are on house arrest. However, that’s not the case anymore. Now, thanks to Clearwater company Tampa Bay Monitoring, parents can purchase GPS ankle monitors to track the moves of their teens. The company is marketing the devices as something for troubled teens who have a propensity for running away from home or skipping school. The above commercial details what Tampa Bay Monitoring’s ReliAlert monitor can do. Parents don’t need a court order to get one and once they provide the company with the kid’s curfew and school schedule, an electric fence of sorts is set up around the home and school. An electric fence can also be applied to an area that the parent(s) want their child to stay away from.

What are your thoughts on the GPS ankle monitor for teens? Is this going too far?

Read here about the man who got in trouble for removing his ankle monitor in a Facebook video. 

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