JT The Bigga Figga Brings Crips and Bloods Together in Atlanta

Figg Panamera aka JT The Bigga Figga brings Rick Ross to Atlanta and also hires 100 homeless people to work and promote a show. As a salute to the streets, he brings one load of Crips (#nh60) and one bus load of Bloods 9trey Billy gang to enjoy the party. JT is from California, the home of Crips and Bloods, but JT is from the Bay Area, namely San Francisco’s Fillmore district. But it ain’t where you from its where you at. Fillmoelanta and Trapflix was born in Zone 1 westside Atlanta. His loyalty to his hometown mixed with his loyalty of where he is at is undeniable. JT Got the streets on lock.

Watch an exclusive interview with JT The Bigga Figga here, where he discusses discovering the Game and found Black Wall Street.

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