“Last Surviving Cocaine Cowboy” Tries To Make A Difference In His Florida Community

If you remember the cult-classic documentary Cocaine Cowboys, you remember Mickey Muday. Known as the “last living Cocaine Cowboy,” he was the surly, blond, country boating expert who helped the Medellin Cartel flood Florida (and the rest of the United States) with cocaine. Munday did his time. During a standoff with police (after Max Mermelstein flipped on everybody), Munday threatened to blast one of his planes’ gas tanks with a flamethrower, then escaped through the swamps he knew like the back of his hand. He was, however, arrested in 1990. He did a little less than ten years.

Now, Munday is back in back in his South Florida community, trying to make a difference. He and artist/producer Maurizio Raponi turned a vacant lot into “Lock-in Love Park.” It is to serve as a peaceful, safe place for people to come to.

Lord knows that Munday and his Cocaine Cowboy partners brought about a lot of bloodshed in South Florida. Maybe this park will serve as some type of reconciliation for Munday.

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