Loccie Shmula On Why He Ran From 6ix9ine & Goons After 6ix9ine Was Denied Entry in Summer Jam

One up and coming rapper whose name stays in the news is Brooklyn’s own Tekashi 6ix9ine. The controversial emcee keeps himself embroiled in some beef and his beefs stretch across the country. The latest incident involved fellow Brooklynite rapper Loccie Shmula. Apparently, after 6ix9ine and his crew were barred from entering Hot 97’s Summer Jam show, the Blood gang-repping, rainbow-haired rapscallion pressed Loccie Shmula, a Crip. Here, video of the interaction is shown, as well as Loccie Shmula’s reaction afterwards.

Check out one of 6ix9ine’s interviews talking about his beef with YG and more here.  

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